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HostingRaja Complaints

HostingRaja ComplaintsHostingRaja ComplaintsHostingRaja Complaints

Complaints are a great way by which the customers can express their griefs and problems. But there should be a specific portal on which the user can write the complaints and its griefs. There are many web hosting service providers but only few of them will ever want their complaints being noticed to the world, as it can impact their business. But when it comes HostingRaja we give importance to each and every customer reviews and feedback's.



There are different ways by which we handle the customer complaints. Some of them are discussed below:

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Listening and Understanding the Customers

First and the foremost thing we do is to listen to our customers. We do not try to respond to them very quickly but we listen to the whole matter and try to understand what has driven to their concern.



Madhva Singh

29 May 2018

I am using hostingraja cloud server for more than 2 years and i am very much impressed with their services. They offer good and reliable features along with the cloud servers plans. Their support team members are super fast in solving all my server issues and helping me in running my business successfully. And hostingraja Emphasizing with their Concern

Once we have listened to the customers concern, we emphasize with them as it creates a bond between us and our customers. As our customer will understand that once we have listened to their problem we will be working with them in resolving their issues and queries.


Offering a solution to the problem


We offer a solution to the problem, but at many a times it's not always necessary that we will be able to resolve all the queries. As many of the problem arises from the development side and not from the server side.  In such cases we inform the customers the customers to contact the developer for a solution. However when its comes to any issues on the server end, we try to resolve as earliest as possible.


Executing the Solution to the Problem


Once we discover the solution to the problem, we execute the solution so that no problem arises in the future.


Following Up with the Solution


Once the resolution is given and the issue is fixed, we make sure that we follow up with the customer after few days to check if they are facing the same type of issue again. As far as our services are concerned we provide a permanent solution to the problems.

Analysing the Customer Complaint behavior


We try to analyse the the customer complaints. If we are getting the same type complaints from different types of customers, we try to find the root cause of the complaints. If there is an issue that we can fix together then we make sure that each customers complaints is rectified.

There are different types of Hosting Packages available, hence you must check what are your websites requirements and then use the web hosting package according to the need:

Basic Hosting Requirements Fulfilled by Shared Hosting Package

Shared Hosting service is the most basic form of web hosting package available. If you have a startup website and does not need much resources then a shared hosting package is the best option. HostingRaja provides a wide range of hosting plans, starting from Rs..99/month to an unlimited hosting plan starting at Rs.299/month. You can choose the perfect web hosting plan according to your website needs.

VPS Hosting is a Good Option for More Flexibility


If you want a better flexibility as well more control, then a VPS hosting plan is a better option.  A VPS plan comes with an option of root access. You will also be getting the multiple choice of OS in a VPS hosting plan. You can either choose a windows hosting plan or a linux hosting plan according to your website needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting comes with Dedicated Resources


This is the best option for those who needs a single server. They can use the server according to their business needs. Dedicated servers are usually opted by large scale industries and websites. In this case the organisation will be able to utilise the processor and the memory resources within the system.

Reviews from Customers

Gaurav Neesh

24 May 2018

I am owning 3 websites and i was in search of a reliable service provider where i can host all my 3 websites. I have been recommended hostingraja by one of my developers. After purchasing hostingraja cloud server my website performance increased and they offered me free SSL with the cloud servers. They also provide good uptime and security to my website. Hostingraja cloud servers are capable of handling huge traffic and I recommend hostingraja services to huge websites and big business. 


Madhva Singh

29 May 2018

I am using hostingraja cloud server for more than 2 years and i am very much impressed with their services. They offer good and reliable features along with the cloud servers plans. Their support team members are super fast in solving all my server issues and helping me in running my business successfully. And hostingraja cloud servers are very easy to afford by all the business. Highly recommended servers to everyone.


Nakul Kumar

13 May 2018

Poor and worst services by hostingraja. Their cloud server is unreliable and needs lots of improvement. It is almost 10 months with their services from the beginning till now i am facing numerous of issues. Their support team members are irresponsible and they do not care about clients website. One of the worst service provider. Stay away from hostingraja cloud servers.


Mayur Yadav

5 April 2018

Hostingraja cloud server was recommended by one of my friend. I purchased their medium cloud plan which was very useful to handle my website traffic. All their cloud server plans come with reliable features and extraordinary support. If I have any issue their team members are available 24/7 to solve all my queries. Recently i had an issue in the control panel and i contacted their support team within an hour my issue has been solved. Their team members are fast and reliable.


Hardeep Danvir

5 June 2018

I am very much happy with hostingraja cloud server plans. It is more than 9 months i have not faced a single issue with their services. As i am not a technical person and was worried about the hosting services. But in hostingraja their team members helped me in each and every step and they guided me to solve some basic server issues. Thanks to hostingraja and their team and i recommend their services for small and medium websites.


Lalitesh Chitt

12 June 2018

I am using hostingraja for only 6 months and i have found their services very helpful. As i am owning a startup business and was in search of hosting services. I failed to find a suitable service provider for me. Most of them provide a pathetic and bad service. And then i started hosting my website with hostingraja. I was very much impressed with their services and they offer the best hosting plans. I like their support team they help me to solve the issues very fast. Hostingraja services are fast and reliable..


Ghoshal Sadar

15 June 2018

Hostingraja has been very good to me. They are the right place to host my multiple websites. They provide very good hosting plans and their support are the best. They solve all my issues in a very short span of time and the features offered by them are excellent. I am using their services to host my multiple websites and happy with their services. Overall i like hostingraja services and highly recommend their services to all startup business.



16 June 2018

Hostingraja services are the best and reliable. The features they offer is very helpful and mostly they offer all the required features to host the website. My website loads faster and they offer a very good uptime. Their hosting plans are also cheap and easy to afford by all small business like me. I am also satisfied with their support team they are available 24/7 to solve the issues faced by the customers. If i have any issues they team do not hesitate to solve the issues. Happy and recommended services.


purohit Kunder

20 June 2018

Hostingraja has been my hosting company from 2015. It almost 3 years i have not faced any issues with their services apart from some minor issues. Their services were very good and reliable and their support team is their boon for their overall services. If i have any issues or doubts i used to contact their support team and they used to explain me very clearly. Currently i am using their dedicated servers and it is very fast and reliable. My website is loading fast and uptime is very good.


Ishpreet Rawat

22 June 2018

With hostingraja i had a pleasant experience. They are always very helpful and guide me in a proper manner. Their support team is available day and night to solve the customer issues. All my issues were handled in a right manner. I purchased their vps server and their servers are very fast and reliable. If you are looking for vps servers then you can go with hostingraja. Highly satisfied with their services.



23 June 2018

Hostingraja services are totally worse and terrible. Every time i am facing issues. Their support team is also not solving my issues. And my issues are getting more every day. I am okay with their pricing and features as their price is very low compared to other hosting providers. But their support is worst and poor. They are not picking the call and i am not able to contact them easily. Hostingraja needs to improve their services a lot.


Anand Kumar

26 June 2018

Been with hostingraja for only a few months i am very much aware of their services. They provide poor services and all their hosting features are of useless. The plans offered by them costs more and every time i face too much of downtime. Most of the time my home page will not load. If i contact their support team they are asking me to upgrade the plans. Very poor services and their intention is of making their clients to purchase the costlier plans. It is better to stay away from them.


Kamran Ahmed

27 June 2018

Hostingraja services are highly professional. It is almost a year with their services and i have not faced any downtime. Specially i like their control panel it is very simple and easy to utilize. Their servers are fast and reliable. I like their services mainly due to their support and features. Hostingraja offers everything required for hosting the website and their plans are also easy to afford by everyone. Their services are recommended to everyone.


Bipin Kumar

5 July 2018

Hostingraja services and performances are good. Their support team is very responsive towards my issues. If i have any issues i used to contact their support team and they resolve it very quickly. Their hosting plan is also very affordable and worth for the money. Uptime and speed is very good with their services. I am hosting multiple websites with hostingraja and i have not faced any downtime. Their dedicated servers are capable of handling multiple sites.


Asif Ali

9 July 2018

Hostingraja is a right option when it comes to hosting services. They provide cheap and best hosting services in india. All their hosting plans are very easy to afford by all kind of business. My website is live 24/7 without any issues. Their uptime and security is excellent and moreover support team is fast in solving issues. I recommend hostingraja to my friends partners and to all types of business who are looking for low cost hosting services.



29 July 2018

I am really happy with hostingraja services. I purchased their cloud server to host my multiple sites. They offered me the cloud plans with good discount. All my sites are working well without any issues. Their hosting plans also come with good features. It is almost a year with hostingraja, their services are the best and reliable. Their cloud server is fast and capable of handling multiple sites. I am really happy with hostingraja services.



16 August 2018

Hostingraja services are fast and reliable. I was new to hosting services and quite confused about choosing a right hosting provider. I came to know about hostingraja services from the review site. And I bought their unlimited hosting plans and they offered it to me for the best value. As a startup business their unlimited hosting plans are very much suitable and very helpful. They offer good features with their unlimited hosting plans. So far hostingraja has been the best web hosting provider.

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